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13995PLR Gangster
You’ll be able to bully your competition and dominate any niche you want using secrets like: The simple technique to turn even the worst PLR product into a brand new and high quality product The most common mistake that inexperienced marketers make ...
14012Customer Support System Made Easy
Here`s How You Can Quickly & Easily Set Up Your Own Support System That Will Always Deliver 100% Of Your Messages To Your Prospects & Customers
34027Binary Holy Grail
Binary Holy Grail is the trading system specially developed to trade binary options with high accuracy. It is an easy to implement but very powerful strategy that provides you with 80%+ win rate consistently.
43911Ultimate 3000 package
With Ultimate 30000 package you will get around 30 or more alerts per week. Via sms, email or trade copier. FREE VPS + Trade copier
351623 Months of All Pairs Email Notifications
3 Months of All Pairs Email Notifications // Take-Profit.com
351636 Months of All Pairs Email Notifications
6 Months of All Pairs Email Notifications // Take-Profit.com
21397Cure Public Speaking Fear
Public Speaking Secrets 101-Overcome fear of public speaking tips. Here`s some of what you`ll learn from a real person that went from experiencing fear of public speaking to becoming a Public-Speaking Expert, Author, and Speech Consultant...Feel Better About Yourself and Overcome Your Speaking Challenges! Maintain A Peaceful State Of Mind. Bank Hard Earned Money Wasted on Seeking Treatment from the Medical Community. Begin to Feel Confident Within Just a Few Short Days! Completely Eliminate Stage Fright. Rapidly Cure Your Fear of Public Speaking In as Little Time as 2 Weeks!
36951Hypertension and Total Therapy Medicomat-7
Medicomat acupuncture machine treats many diseases and is particularly designed for treating blood pressure and pain management. According to the principles of Meridian Science in traditional Chinese medicine, electrobiology, the Medicomat-7 therapy machine is a special balance treatment instrument. This is a therapy device with acupuncture, bioelectricity, low-frequency and music treatment function to reduce blood pressure and relieve diseases and pains. You don`t need directions or knowledge of medical doctors. The Medicomat everything works itself automatically - detect and treat all diseases at the same time. It uses bioelectricity released of human`s body as rear power source; activate the potential of human body acupoint, regulating the balance of Meridian and viscera in bidirectional. Thus achieve lower blood pressure or stabilize blood pressure, relieve diseases and pains.
37815Ninja MQL Protection
Protection of your MQL source files from unauthorized usage Ninja MQL code Protection and License Management
23365Reclaim Your Time Now!
Work Less & Achieve More by Avoiding Distractions.
25969pocketGas - gas pipe sizing (Windows)
high & low pressure gas pipeline hydraulic calculations - find flowrate, pipe size & pressure drop. pocketGas calculates gas flowrate, pipe size and pressure drop. The oldest and most common equation - Weymouth equation - is used in the high pressure gas calculation. NFPA model for high pressure calculation is also included. For low pressure gas calculation, NFPA equation is used. (a)a small Windows PC program for Gas pipeline hydraulics. (b)calculate both High pressure (for infra & building distribution pipeline ) and Low pressure (for building internal pipeline) gas pressure systems. (c)2 models for high pressure calculations: Weymouth and NFPA. (d)options to find flowrate, pipe size and pressure drop. (e)built-in data, guides, etc. (f)"save to file" function for printing (f)individually selectable SI-IP units. See worked example at http://pocketengineer2.sharepoint.com
25981CompAir - compressed air pipe sizing (Windows)
Traditionally, tables or charts are used for manual calculations. With CompAir program designed for mobility, you can now do pipe sizing at anytime, anywhere. CompAir program is engineered for ultimate flexibility with 3 built-in model equations for solving flowrate, pipe size and pressure drop. The 3 model equations adopted in CompAir program are (1) General Compressible Flow Equation. (2) IoP (Institute of Plumbing) / CAGI (Compressed Air and Gas Institute) model. (3) BCAS (British Compressed Air Society) model. In individually selectable SI-IP units. See worked example at http://pocketengineer2.sharepoint.com
26006Qcondensate - coil condensate, psychrometric properties (Windows)
Qcondensate program, an HVAC mobile design tool, performs quick calculations for AHU coil condensate, air mixing and state point psychrometric air properties. It is specially designed by a professional engineer to replace the conventional psychrometric chart (restricted scale and barometric pressure). (a)calculate AHU coil condensate flowrate. (b)calculate air mixing and state point psychrometric air properties. (c)accurate formulation based on ASHRAE Fundamentals 2009. (d)save results to text file for printing. (d)fully mobile program without setup requirement. (e)in SI & IP units. See worked example at http://pocketengineer2.sharepoint.com
26008battMV - battery room ventilation (Windows)
Battery room ventilation to EN 50272-2 & EN 50272-3 Standards. (a)battery room ventilation calculations by Hydrogen concentration dilution method. (b)"Select & Click" with built-in data like Igas, battery rated capacity, etc. (c)louvre sizer. (d)save results for printing. (d)in SI & IP units. For details, see http://pocketengineer2.sharepoint.com
26009Qcool Check - cooling load check figures (Windows)
Qcool Check program provides fast and easy access to various common cooling load check figures. The check figures provide an estimation of total building cooling load needs. (a)select/display cooling load check figures at your finger tips. (b)various published cooling check figures options based on Ashrae pocket guide, Carrier table, & Carrier CSQR. (c)function for user to edit and keep own project records. (d)fully mobile program without setup requirement. (e)selectable units available in SI and IP. For details, see http://pocketengineer2.sharepoint.com
26010pocketINSUL - insulation thickness calculator (Windows)
Handy calculator to determine required insulation thickness for duct and pipe. (a) calculate insulation thickness and Heat gain for cold duct, cold pipe & hot pipe. (b)embedded data - just "select & click". (c)results "save-to-file" for printing. (d)in SI & IP units. For worked example, see http://pocketengineer2.sharepoint.com
41034easy Pipe Friction Loop (Windows)
multi-purpose solutions for total pump head (pressure drop) calculation in series (branch) pipe + loop ring main pipe network. Hardy Cross method with Hazen-Williams equation or Darcy-Weisbach equation are used in solving loop ring main pipe network. Various selection and calculation tools are provided. They are: - Flow unit converter, Length unit converter, Pressure unit converter. - Pipe diameter sizer, Pipe material & ID selection. - Valve & Fitting selection (Equivalent length Le method or Resistance coeff K method). - Orifice plate pressure drop calculator.
43102Basic Plan-Sniper Suite
Basic EA system. 1 Real account and unlimited demo accounts

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