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6272Customer Service Assistants Needed
Web Based - Full or Part time Customer Service Assistants Needed To Monitor Email Accounts, Process Video Requests. Pays $450/day*
36307Resell My Software - Quality Software That You Can Resell
Instant Sofware Empire In A Box - Start your own software store with Resell Rights Products. The Best solution to sell Digital Software Online.
25467EJobsJunction Online Jobs - Available Worldwide
Day 1, Day 2, 3, 4, 5.... Make Every Day a Pay Day. Use Your Free Time Effectively. Try Internet Based Opportunities. You Already Have Everything That is Required (a PC connected to Internet and 1-2 hrs of free time). We at EJobsJunction can help you Quick Start. Check Results & References, Only on EJobsJunction.com
26533Mega Pack PLR Internet Marketing Ebooks
20 High Quality Internet Marketing eBooks With Private Label Rights
25660Data Entry Works Info - Genuine Opportunity
An Excellent resource to online and offline data entry online jobs on a daily basis.
6270Real Estate Assistants Needed
Income Opportunity: Real Estate Assistants. No Experience Required - Earn $250/day
24760Real Click Jobs
Earn Rs.25000/- per month by Simply Clicking Ads in your Email
30499World Of Paid Surveys
An Ultimate Opportunity To Earn Online Daily.
28106Red Parcel Christmas PLR Articles Package
This huge christmas plr articles bundle The Red Parcel is labelled the largest christmas plr on the web with over 600 quality articles
Turnkey Membership sites for Hands Free Income Every Month
28983Trabajo desde casa con encuestas
Desde este sitio aprenderás a ganar dinero desde casa con encuestas remuneradas. Te proporcionamos contenidos exclusivos para que puedas empezar inmediatamente: Listado de más de 100 empresas; soporte personalizado para tus dudas; sugerencias sobre el perfil de usuario que utilizar; todos los contenidos en español incluso en las webs americanas; asesoría sobre las distintas forma de recibir los pagos; todo el proceso guiado paso a paso; se suministran herramientas de productividad para descargar; muchos trucos y consejos. Todo destinado a que puedas ganar dinero con este trabajo desde casa con encuestas remuneradas. Se han reportado ganancias de más de $2000 al mes. Inscríbete ahora.
26438The Law of Attraction Complete Ebook Course
Most Law of Attraction books are all about getting money. These are here to help you achive your dreams.
33222Webmasters Techie Training Tutorials - Resellers Collection
WebMaster Videos Are Your GEEK-SPEAK-FREE Video Guides That Will Take You From WebMaster Zero To WebMaster HERO!
36346How to Maximize Your EBook Profits
Have you ever wondered why some eBooks sell so well online and some don’t? Well this eBook blows the lid off of the secret world of online earning. You can now follow a step by step formula for success used by many fortune 500 companies that is surprisingly easy to do. Learn how to do effective market research to determine which covers, titles and descriptions sell best. Tap into general information you have gained throughout your life and use this information to create an eBook. You don`t even have to write the book yourself, I will teach you how to take advantage of books in public domain or spend less that $150 to have an eBook content, cover, description and editing done for you. You will learn how to create multiple streams of income by up-selling within your eBook and taking advantage of blogs and pay-per-click advertising. And finally, I will show you 20 places to upload your eBook. Check out promotional tools at: http://www.allneeds.ca/tools.php
8385Google Trends
No Skills Needed To Make up to $500 a Day!! No Way You Can Mess This Up.
22151Making Cash Online - Master Resell Rights Ebooks
Making Cash Online Using Internet Marketing Ebook Products With Resell Rights.
26913No Money Down System - Video Series
Proven Niche Marketing System Video Series Finally Shows You How To Make Money With No Money!
27268PLR Articles Packs
Private Label Rights Article Packs
32914Private Label Blowout! - 20 Hot New PLR eBooks
20 Hot New PLR eBooks to add you own name as the author, keep 100% of every cent you ever make from selling the package.
34210Secret Consulting Riches
Secret Consulting Riches is a step-by-step system to jumpstart your consulting business that generates big paydays!
36232Print Your Own Money- A Wellness Guide to Financial Freedom
“PRINT YOUR OWN MONEY – A Wellness Guide to Financial Freedom” is a roadmap for achieving success and creating money. It’s 100% legal if you can print your money by developing a mind set of an Entrepreneur. An entrepreneur is a person who creates money from thin air. If you are able to create passive income you’ll enjoy life fully as the worry of not having money or exchanging your time for making money, will dissipate. I’m a big believer that wealth is not a number or an amount, it’s an attitude and the umbilical cord to attitude is gratitude. You simply need to change your mindset to think differently and the fruits will be truly rewarding for you and your loved ones. Learn why only 3% people make money, and rest live in hope or frustration of making money. A fantastic roadmap of achieving success by simply changing your mindset. So fellows learn to print your own money and enjoy your life without worrying about your future.
38905Gane dinero Escribiendo
Conoce como puedes ganar dinero escribiendo articulos y desde la comodidad de tu casa
Make Money Every Time Your Cell Phone Beeps" Easy as 1 2 3
26136Millionaire Profits System - Internet Business Basics Video Tutorials
The Millionaire Profits System is an entire video coaching program that walks you step-by-step through everything you need to know to start making money your first million dollars online right now!
17652Work-at-Home Jobs
This program allows you to train and work in ten different work-at-home job fields. Complete training and jobs provide. Also includes thousands of additional work-at-home job opportunities as a team member of our program.
17657Global Work-at-Home Program
Work at home with several available job programs. Over ten different job programs you can do from the comfort of your own home. Simply the Internet`s best work-at-home alternative.
25966Ductulator Plus - HVAC duct sizing (Windows)
Ductulator Plus, a duct sizing calculations program for Windows PC and Windows Mobile OS (Not Windows Phone OS), is specially designed by a professional engineer to replace the conventional hand-held ductulator. It helps you to do duct sizing in a quick and flexible way according to equal friction, velocity, and duct dimensions methods. (a)duct sizing (rectangle, round and oval) using equal friction, velocity, by duct dimensions or find Airflow methods. (b)duct sizer for different duct materials. (c)duct converter (round, rectangular, oval). (d)built-in tools for louvre sizer, duct gauge and weight calculator, duct velocity guide, pyschrometric air properties calculator, fan motor kW, convert kW-Amp, treaded rod sizer. (e)in SI & IP units. (f) save results function. See worked example at http://pocketengineer2.sharepoint.com
25968pipe friction loss & pressure drop - pipe_f.Loss (Windows)
Pipe_f.Loss is specially developed to feature 2-K Method for pipe friction loss & pressure drop calculations. It`s a plug-and-use Windows PC program. (a)built-in selections for valves & fittings losses using 2-K Method developed by Hooper. (b)4 options (Colebrook, Swamee, etc) for solving friction factor. (c)design as easy as "Select & Click" with full built-in database, conversion calculators, guides, etc. (d)save/open project, save results to Rich Text File (.rtf) for formatting & printing. (e)fully mobile “plug-and-use” program with no setup requirement. (f)in SI & IP units. For worked example, see http://pocketengineer2.sharepoint.com
25969pocketGas - gas pipe sizing (Windows)
high & low pressure gas pipeline hydraulic calculations - find flowrate, pipe size & pressure drop. pocketGas calculates gas flowrate, pipe size and pressure drop. The oldest and most common equation - Weymouth equation - is used in the high pressure gas calculation. NFPA model for high pressure calculation is also included. For low pressure gas calculation, NFPA equation is used. (a)a small Windows PC program for Gas pipeline hydraulics. (b)calculate both High pressure (for infra & building distribution pipeline ) and Low pressure (for building internal pipeline) gas pressure systems. (c)2 models for high pressure calculations: Weymouth and NFPA. (d)options to find flowrate, pipe size and pressure drop. (e)built-in data, guides, etc. (f)"save to file" function for printing (f)individually selectable SI-IP units. See worked example at http://pocketengineer2.sharepoint.com
25980pocketPipe - pipe sizer (Windows)
A handy design tool for general pipe sizing + pipe friction loss, chilled-water flowrate, etc. Pipe Sizer employs 2 options for pipe friction loss calculation, i.e., Hazen-Williams equation or Darcy-Weisbach equation. (a)chilled, condenser & hot water calculations (Find capacity, flowrate, dT). (b)pipe sizing + pipe frictional loss rate (Hazen-Williams or Darcy-Weisbach methods). (c)cold pipe insulation thickness calculation. (d)"save-to-file" function for printing. (e)in SI units. For worked example, see http://pocketengineer2.sharepoint.com
25981CompAir - compressed air pipe sizing (Windows)
Traditionally, tables or charts are used for manual calculations. With CompAir program designed for mobility, you can now do pipe sizing at anytime, anywhere. CompAir program is engineered for ultimate flexibility with 3 built-in model equations for solving flowrate, pipe size and pressure drop. The 3 model equations adopted in CompAir program are (1) General Compressible Flow Equation. (2) IoP (Institute of Plumbing) / CAGI (Compressed Air and Gas Institute) model. (3) BCAS (British Compressed Air Society) model. In individually selectable SI-IP units. See worked example at http://pocketengineer2.sharepoint.com

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