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ID Product
6924Keeper-Skool Certified Monthly
One of the leading online Goalkeeping resources on the web. Get access to the best interviews, training sessions and goalkeeping information. Get subscriptions for Keeper-Skool Certified and make 20% recurring commissions monthly.
14465Optimum Tennis Ebook
Improve your Tennis Game with world class tennis technique and tennis instruction. Hit a better Forehand, Backhand and Serve
14998Muscle Mass Gain ebook
Transform your body into the ultimate Physique! If your skinny or just un-happy with your body then this e-book will give you the tools, routines, excercises, diet and plans to completely transform your body. No more research needed, no more paying for diet plans and routines. It is all here!
17505Tennis Serve Unleashed Ebook
Tennis Serve Techniques That Will Drastically Improve Your Tennis Serve Quickly. These Powerful Tennis Serve Tips Can Transform Your Serve!
19377Modern Tennis Forehand Ebook
Learn How to Hit A Modern Tennis Forehand Like the PROS, Guaranteed. Includes 100 Page Ebook PLUS Bonuses
19378The Ultimate Package - Optimum Tennis Ebook, Tennis Serve Unleashed AND Modern Forehand Unlocked.
The Ultimate Package to Be a Winning Tennis Player. 3 Tennis Ebooks PLUS Exclusive Bonuses
21059Pegasus Racing Newsletter
A monthly horse racing newsletter and 3 free hore racing tips each month. Incredible value at just £4.99.
SoccerBetting365 is a team of professional punters with more than 10 years experience in the Betting and Financial Industry. We believe in proper proven risk management in order to eliminate risk exposure and maximizing returns in sport investment in the long term. It is proven to be a consistent profit taker overall. We cover All Major Soccer Leagues. SoccerBetting365 service provides a unique opportunity to take advantage of global analysis of the upcoming matches. This will help you to make a profitable bet. If you use our services, this will allow you to achieve excellent results and increase your income on sports betting.
45574PR1 - The `False Favourite` Lay Betting System
The `False Favourite` lay betting system is one that targets shorter priced forecast favourites to lose on both UK and Irish race horse race meetings.
36126Racing Pigeons Advanced Techniques- The Ultimate Guide
This 140 pages e book is already a proven seller,so you will not strugle to sell it .Not one ,but two of the main chapters of this book published on amazon site became in 90 days after they were released #1 BEST SELLERS in bird care as for reviews ,there are more then 40 Top 5 stars to support the quality of information beeing presented . There is 30 % payout for promoting this proven seller so why wait any longer?
37227Racing Pigeons Advanced Techniques - Old Birds Training and Racing Systems
#1 Best Seller in Birds Care - Racing Pigeons Advanced Techniques -The Old Birds Training and Racing Systems is 27 pages PDF book that reveals the best methods of training and racing systems that must be applied in order to obtain the best results with your racing birds . The book contains 10 chapters : Old birds training, Bringing the birds into shape . Training for short and middle distance races. Training for long and marathon distance races. Training during the racing season. Racing Systems. The natural system. The widowerhood system. The jealousy system. More from the author. All the chapters are in depth explained for the advanced and the beginner fancier alike ,and images are included for a better understanding.
37226Racing Pigeons Advanced Techniques - Young Birds Racing
#1 Best Seller in Bird Care - On this 19 Pages PDF book you will discover ONLY the special advanced techniques applied by some of the best fanciers and champions in racing pigeons sport ,in other words the .....How To Do it ....the right way in order to increase your chances of winning the top places on each race . The chapters mentioned below will explain in detail the methods and techniques for everyone to understand. 1.Young birds racing system. 2.Preparing for race. 3.Returned from the race. 4.The crucial importance of keeping notes about each bird. 5. Birds classification
37228Racing Pigeons Advanced Techniques - Breeding and Pairing
The deepest secrets of racing pigeons breeding revealed in the 4th volume (33 page PDF )of the Racing Pigeons Advanced Techniques series.Discover the secrets that champions are using to produce year after year birds that brings them all the time first prizes. Learn how to use inbreeding and crossbreeding together on a unique winning formula never revealed before from the following advanced chapters: 1).Pairing. 2).When should we pair the stock birds. 3).Matching the breeders and what to look for in our breeders. 4).Inbreeding. 5.Crossbreeding. 6).The winning formula.
37229Racing Pigeons Advanced Techniques - Feeding Secrets
With so many products to choose from in today`s pigeons food market and for everybody`s pocket your pigeons have a very good chance of achieving the best results from feeding point of view . The feed may define the general health of a pigeon and can play an very important role in making pigeons reach their top condition. And for a very good reason a lot of pigeon fanciers use to say and still are : Feed is and remains an art... In the following 8 advanced chapters of this 34 pages PDF book you will learn about; 1).Food Composition. 2).Feeding the Breeders. 3).Young Birds Feeding. 4).Feeding for short distance races. 5).Feeding during the moulting season. 6).Winter feeding. 7).Returning from the race. 8).Special ingredients.
37225Racing Pigeons Advanced Techniques - Young Birds Training
Racing Pigeons Advanced Techniques - Young Birds Training is a 23 pages PDF book written for everybody who love racing pigeons and want to improve to the maximum their results in the racing pigeons sport .The methods and techniques explained in full accompanied by images are comprised in the following advanced chapters. 1. The weaning process. 2. The Darkness System explained 3. How to make your birds answer when called. 4. How to teach your birds to trap. 5. How to teach your birds to eat and drink from the basket. 6. Basket training methods. 7. The winning system for Young Birds Racing. 8. Yong birds training program. 9. Young birds training program during the racing season.

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