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Latest Outsourced Projects
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Bids Average
Job Type Posted Expires Views
1639Java3D Virtual Fitting Room United States0 $ Java Programming, 3D Graphics, Software Development21 Jun 2010 Closed432
Styku, a new e-commerce company specializing in "virtual try-on" of apparel on the web, are looking for a skilled Java3D programmer to complete an already-begun viewer applet for the 'virtual fitting room.
1637Church Site34 $ 524Flash Animation, Website Design, Web Development03 Jun 2010 Closed851
For My Church willinclude some programming
1634Floorplan Reservation system12 $ 629PHP Programming, Joomla/Mambo CMS24 Apr 2010 Closed850
Development of a system in which on a floorplan people can register their stands
1632POLYGRAPH SOFTWARE9 $ 4611Software Development12 Apr 2010 Closed602
no longer
1631Personal assistant in HK Hong Kong0 $ System Admin, Translation, Site Promotion09 Apr 2010 Closed390
Need part time assistant in HK with basic IT skills to help with research
1630MS Outlook <-> Web Synchronizer14 $ 2564MySQL Database, PHP Programming, Web 2.008 Apr 2010 Closed806
Synchronize MS Outlook Calender and Contacts into WEB via webservice (PHP/MySQL/WSDL)
1629Rame14 $ 455MySQL Database, Website Design, Template Customization25 Mar 2010 Closed623
Area portal/vacation rentals
1625Facebook Game And Page Development Thailand0 $ Flash Animation, Graphic Design, JavaScript, PHP Programming, Website Design01 Mar 2010 Closed421
We make simple Facebook games and Facebook Pages developed in Flash
1622Adult 120 blogs network5 $ 570Copywriting, Link Building, Web 2.007 Feb 2010 Closed541
install wordpress, activate plugins, write 10 adult posts, submit to SE
1621MTT India6 $ 1229Banner Design, Flash Animation, Graphic Design, Logo Design, Joomla/Mambo CMS05 Feb 2010 Closed539
a complete redesign of website and logo + further expansion of the current functions of the Joomla installation
1618Data Entry 81 $ 507Data Entry23 Jan 2010 Closed1082
Commercial database
1617Booking/reservation w/ shopping cart site (PHP)38 $ 1612MySQL Database, PHP Programming, Web Development21 Jan 2010 Closed1247
Build and integrate (PHP/MySQL) booking / reservation system and shopping cart system for extreme sports park
1615HOLIDAY RENTAL WEBSITE12 $ 372MySQL Database, PHP Programming, Website Design15 Dec 2009 Closed821
The website will only offer holiday rental accommodation, not property for sale.
1614Wordpress6 $ 92Site Promotion, Website Template Design, WordPress Blog08 Dec 2009 Closed560
Make a Site with Wordpress for Internetmarketing
1611Full Time Position - Web Programmer Canada0 $ MySQL Database, PHP Programming, Web 2.026 Nov 2009 Closed494
Join my Team to build Social Networking Sites - PHP , AJAX, WEB 2.0, MySQL
1608Highly Skilled ethical SEO specialist4 $ 143XHTML/CSS Coding, Search Engine Optimization (SEO)16 Nov 2009 Closed565
I will need a highly skilled and professional SEO technician who can achieve results with a full-flash site.
1607中文社區網站設計及HTML/CSS建製 Taiwan0 $ XHTML/CSS Coding, Logo Design, Website Design11 Nov 2009 Closed429
Design and HTML/CSS development for 35 page social website - Traditional Chinese Required
1606Programmer sought for a dating project37 $ 1524PHP Programming07 Nov 2009 Closed1123
Programmer sought for a dating project
1601NGO / Foundation Management Singapore1 $ 750MySQL Database, PHP Programming, Website Design30 Oct 2009 Closed563
Taking over a PHP Zend application and maintaining/upgrading it
1600Comment Trolls13 $ 106Data Entry24 Oct 2009 Closed568
Eliminate or reduce comment trolls
1598online decal generator6 $ 110Flash Animation, PHP Programming, Web Development21 Oct 2009 Closed582
customer interface for decal sales
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