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Latest Business Partnership Opportunities
ID Project
Replies Required Partner Posted Expires Views
1436Template development partnership23Web Developer, Website Template Designer, XHTML/CSS Coder09 Jul 2008 Closed1278
Development of high end templates
1435Rule Engine13Programmer, Software Developer08 Jul 2008 Closed698
Rule Engine Guru C#
1415Database Project - PHP MySQL MS Access Migration12PHP Developer, Web Developer, Web Programmer16 Jun 2008 Closed765
Project is to consolidate data into one database from 3-4 MS Access DB's into 1 MySQL with an ERP Front End, SugarCRM or similar
1365Webdesign313D Designer, Animator, ASP Developer, Banner Maker, C/C++ Developer, Cartoonist, Delphi Programmer, Designer, Developer, Flash Developer, Graphic Designer, Illustrator, Java Developer, Logo Designer, Perl/CGI Developer20 May 2008 Closed689
Searches for a good partner for outsourcing
1362GTRS24Designer, Graphic Designer, IT Consultant, Java Developer, Lawyer, Link Builder, PHP Developer, Programmer, Project Manager, Software Developer, System Admin, Translator, Web Designer, Web Developer, Web Programmer15 May 2008 Closed550
WorldWide Info.Media Relay System
1351Bulk Retouching - Long Term25Artist, Graphic Designer, Illustrator, Logo Designer, Professional Photographer09 May 2008 Closed670
1000+ Images need retouching every month
1339Out Source Web Services Projects7Designer, Flash Developer, Graphic Designer, PHP Developer, Web Designer, Web Developer, Webmaster, Website Template Designer, XHTML/CSS Coder29 Apr 2008 Closed450
We provide complete Web Solution like Domain Hosting Web Site Designing & Development
1333WEBDEVELOPMENT33Designer, PHP Developer, Web Designer, Web Programmer21 Apr 2008 Closed561
Comission based payment by delivering projects
1324Business Partnership Opportunity37Web Designer, Web Developer, Web Programmer, Webmaster18 Apr 2008 Closed741
We would like to buy leads for web design and web development projects.
1212WEBSITE DESIGN/DEVELOPMENT PARTNERSHIP213D Designer, Animator, Artist, ASP Developer, Banner Maker, C/C++ Developer, Cartoonist, Copywriter, Delphi Programmer, Designer, Developer, Flash Developer, Graphic Designer, Illustrator, Industrial Designer27 Mar 2008 Closed476
We are looking for web design/development business partners.
1170Software development company looking for customers324 Mar 2008 Closed350
Software company looking for new customers
1165web services9Designer, Developer, Flash Developer, Graphic Designer, IT Consultant, PHP Developer, Web Designer, Web Developer24 Mar 2008 Closed424
Designer & Programmer
1142Offshore DBA Support321 Mar 2008 Closed1922
Can provide Offshore Oracle and Oracle Apps DBA support
1120Digital Media and Branding4Animator, Designer, Flash Developer, PHP Developer, Programmer, Web Designer, Web Developer, Web Programmer, Webmaster, Website Template Designer21 Mar 2008 Closed358
Websites and Multimedia Presentations
1114Software development company looking for customers521 Mar 2008 Closed359
Software development company looking for customers
1108Website Designer Partners Needed22ASP Developer, Designer, Developer, Flash Developer, Graphic Designer, Java Developer, Logo Designer, Perl/CGI Developer, PHP Developer, Programmer, SEO Expert, Web Designer, Web Developer, Web Programmer, Webmaster20 Mar 2008 Closed466
We are located in Texas and looking for a reliable team of people for website design outsourcing
1101Looking for an active sourcing partner for project4IT Consultant, Link Builder, Project Manager20 Mar 2008 Closed1097
Looking for an active joint venture
1099Business Partner13Web Designer, Web Developer, Web Programmer, Webmaster, XHTML/CSS Coder20 Mar 2008 Closed529
Social networking site
1089Webdesign/E-Commerce and etc.9Designer, Developer, IT Consultant, Java Developer, Link Builder, Logo Designer, Web Designer, Web Developer, Web Programmer, Webmaster, Website Template Designer19 Mar 2008 Closed500
Webdesign based company looking for offers and proposals
1088Business Delveloper Business Opportunity1Project Manager19 Mar 2008 Closed410
Fraud Prevention
1068Your Partner for web and animation218 Mar 2008 Closed389
Looking for partners and leads in web and animation areas.
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Freelancewebmarket offers partnership schemes to you if you have specific need. Partnership with those who are at the forefront of technology, with research institutes and leaders in industry, and with those who are ready to meet challenges with you! Strategic partnerships have always been a key factor to success. Built effective partnerships based on a common vision, mutual trust, professional integrity, and ongoing mutual understanding! Collaboration creates various opportunities for partners - business development, product line diversification, costs reduction etc.

FreelanceWebmarket offers an exciting professional environment where a diverse group of talented, experienced individuals work together as a team to build a new and exciting marketplace with a broad range of projects and services available to you at any time necessary. Our members are freelancers, companies and individuals from the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, India, Romania and many other countries. We provide you with an access to hundreds of qualified freelance, experienced and professionals. Our team has outstanding reputable professional and academic records and credentials, plus a passion for professional excellence and service to our members and partners. As a marketplace, FreelanceWebmarket is dedicated to ensuring that our workplace, culture, and benefits encourage all members to thrive both professionally and personally! We are constantly accepting resumes from dynamic, talented and highly motivated professional individuals as well as teams who strive to join our highly professional and progressive group, we offer a comprehensive equal-opportunity atmosphere that will surely be an asset to all who join. Custom web design projects, freelance work and outsourcing jobs on FreelanceWebmarket.

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