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Latest Marketplace Projects
ID Project Name Replies Marketplace
Posted Expires Views
405Website development14Outsourced Project18 Jan 2008 Closed371
Franchising a service oriented business
404Debtabcs18Outsourced Project18 Jan 2008 Closed378
Graphics need to be replaced with HTML
403Buy Great Turn-Key Website0Advertising Space for Sale18 Jan 2008 Closed385
Beatiful full function Ready to go websites
401Round Robin Scheduling1Outsourced Project18 Jan 2008 Closed337
Round Robin Scheduler used in operating systems
400Process Control Block1Outsourced Project18 Jan 2008 Closed346
PCB used in Operating System
399Business Development through our website0Advertising Space for Sale18 Jan 2008 Closed433
Web Hostings
398Web Hosting @ Affordable cost3Web Hosting Deal18 Jan 2008 Closed474
Web development & Hosting
397Website/ Software Projects10Partnership Opportunity18 Jan 2008 Closed476
Looking for Freelance Business Development
396Perl Document Retreival 2Outsourced Project18 Jan 2008 Closed355
You are required to write two separate programs (Perl scripts): (i) one program that computes an inverted index for the document collection, and (ii) a second program which loads this inverted index and uses it to do retrieval.
395Looking For WebSite Project5Partnership Opportunity18 Jan 2008 Closed419
Looking for website project
3943D Autocad - 3D7Outsourced Project17 Jan 2008 Closed451
3D model from an Autocad file
393project008 Barbados15Outsourced Project17 Jan 2008 Closed428
.net code develoepment & re-code
391Real Time Lead Generation4Outsourced Project17 Jan 2008 Closed452
Real Time Lead Generation
389Football Personal Database17Outsourced Project17 Jan 2008 Closed439
Football Database
388Project World Champ19Outsourced Project17 Jan 2008 Closed454
Developing a martial arts website for a World Champion Martial Artist
387Roulette game Singapore7Outsourced Project17 Jan 2008 Closed477
Analysing Roulette game
386Need Email Sender - Basic Software Application9Outsourced Project17 Jan 2008 Closed381
Need Email Sender - Basic Software Application
385Looking for several Freelancers borkers7Partnership Opportunity17 Jan 2008 Closed419
Goral of the mission: Find new clients.
384Website design / Other United Kingdom6Outsourced Project17 Jan 2008 Closed367
Looking for clients to work for
383Column Blogsite12Outsourced Project17 Jan 2008 Closed397
I want a site that looks just like Ann Coulter's.
382Business Management System India12Outsourced Project16 Jan 2008 Closed419
Looking fro freelancer to develop a business management system in .net flatform
381CMS for a Property Website6Outsourced Project16 Jan 2008 Closed383
Based on a pre made template i require a full CMS for a Property Website
379Database8Outsourced Project16 Jan 2008 Closed345
I need my customers to be able to log into my site (the site itself is already online) and check the balance of their bill.
378Development & Re-Branding18Outsourced Project16 Jan 2008 Closed380
Freelance programmer base on projects
377Accounting module8Outsourced Project16 Jan 2008 Closed359
Payables, Receivables & General Ledger
376Data/List Developer4Outsourced Project16 Jan 2008 Closed330
Specialty List Developer
375webmaster needed in Panama11Outsourced Project16 Jan 2008 Closed409
multi site project with use of existing templates
374registry repair tool7Outsourced Project15 Jan 2008 Closed336
copiling registry entries provided in one program
37215 - 30 days on JOOMLA thailand only Thailand4Outsourced Project15 Jan 2008 Closed317
need help to modify several joomla components
371Random Projects7Outsourced Project15 Jan 2008 Closed412
Template (.PSD Only)
370I am Selling Custom Website1Website for Sale15 Jan 2008 Closed425
Selling HTML Custom Website Structures
369facelift for my oscommerce site11Outsourced Project15 Jan 2008 Closed395
I need a new look for my oscommerce site
368UL PROGRAMMER United States2Outsourced Project15 Jan 2008 Closed327
367NEED CMS WEB SITE38Outsourced Project15 Jan 2008 Closed543
366Social Networking + Tourism Agency Portugal6Outsourced Project15 Jan 2008 Closed346
Developing a social networking platform that will act as the virtual space for a tour operator/travel agency

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