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Latest Websites for Sale
ID Project Name Bids Starting
Posted Expires Views
140MOM N POP Store0 $ 250Online Store site for sale14 Dec 2007 Closed496
shoe/clothing store
137Domain Appraisal1 $ 150Business site for sale, Computers site for sale, Design site for sale, General site for sale, Internet site for sale13 Dec 2007 Closed445
Domain appraisal site, includes everything you need to run it, domain appraisal software, certificate's etc
134Factoring Website Asset Based Loan0 $ 3999Business site for sale10 Dec 2007 Closed324
5 great domain Factoring/asset based loan domains premium
133Relationship over custom site0 $ 4999Communications site for sale, Dating site for sale, Flowers site for sale, Personal site for sale10 Dec 2007 Closed313
A custom made Relationship site a must see
127SiteResell.com1 $ 199Internet site for sale09 Dec 2007 Closed363
Sells 107 adsense sites for 129.00 100% profit
126AbundantSolutions.info1 $ 150Business site for sale09 Dec 2007 Closed343
It is a bussiness site with corprt dsgn
125Dating, Social networking site0 $ 500Dating site for sale, Society site for sale08 Dec 2007 Closed285
Full featured dating website
124Dating Website1 $ 300Dating site for sale, Society site for sale08 Dec 2007 Closed307
Full featured dating website
116matrimonial website for sale1 $ 1000Culture site for sale, Dating site for sale, Internet site for sale, Portal site for sale, Wedding site for sale06 Dec 2007 Closed276
sindhi2sindhi.com is a matrimonial website for sindhi community
111www.ItsMyStory.com1 $ 1500Books site for sale, Culture site for sale, Family site for sale, General site for sale, Leisure site for sale05 Dec 2007 Closed862
Online true life stories
107paid to click1 $ 150Business site for sale04 Dec 2007 Closed305
paid to click biz
104AuctionWorld Community0 $ 70000Internet site for sale04 Dec 2007 Closed279
An information and support site for online and local Auction Users.
102tiger0 $ 1000Internet site for sale04 Dec 2007 Closed319
advertisement nature
92DealsOnMobilePhones.co.uk1 $ 1000Technology site for sale30 Nov 2007 Closed291
eCommerce/Affiliate Website
60cheappaydayloanuk0 $ 30027 Nov 2007 Closed294
loan, finance, business
59Bahamas Events0 $ 500Business site for sale, Entertainment site for sale, General site for sale, Internet site for sale, Society site for sale27 Nov 2007 Closed259
The purpose of this web is to advertise a number of events & highlights about the Bahamas and Bahamian owned business in the United States.
50http://www.feastshopping.com0 $ 600Internet site for sale26 Nov 2007 Closed284
Affilate bussiness website for sale.
44www.globalstore.dk1 $ 1000Business site for sale25 Nov 2007 Closed372
full animated website
41www.docxpertz.com0 $ 9000Business site for sale, Computers site for sale, Education site for sale, General site for sale, Technology site for sale23 Nov 2007 Closed326
complete source code of desktop + website for sale
37www.myimageresizer.com2 $ 300Art site for sale, Beauty site for sale, Business site for sale, Clean Style site for sale, Communications site for sale22 Nov 2007 Closed348
Online image editing tool...
24www.usmedicine.info0 $ 190000Health site for sale, Medical site for sale21 Nov 2007 Closed281
United State Medical Information
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